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Series 52 Valve Status Monitor

Series 52 Valve Status Monitor

The Series 52 offers the bounce-free electronic valve signaling required for all PLC, computer and solid state circuitry vital to process control and information networks. Costly external junction boxes are eliminated and field wiring costs are greatly reduced.Bray’s approach delivers the most compact, reliable and economical valve position monitoring system available.

• Models: DC NPN, DC PHP, AC, I.S., DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, ASi
• Electrical Connections: Inductive: M12(4 pin), 7/8"(5 pin)
• BUS Network: ASi Flat Cable, DeviceNET, ASi M12
• Housing: Valox

Moisture, Chemical and Corrosion Protection

The two ...

Series 5A Limit Switch

Series 5A Limit Switch

The Bray Series 5A and 5B Valve Status Monitors (VSM) provide visual and electrical indication of position on any VDI/VDE 3845 compliant quarter-turn device. Our solutions enable end users to better monitor their process no matter the conditions.



Enclosure: The compact low-profile weatherproof VSM is UL certified Type 4, 4x and IP66/67. A die-cast aluminum cover and base coated with a polyester powder coat for exceptional corrosion, wear, impact and ultraviolet resistance.

High Visibility Position Indicator: Visual Open and Closed indication is provided with an impact resistant dome style indicator. Inverting the Open and Closed ...

Series 83 Valve position monitor image

Series 83 Valve Position Monitor and Inductive Sensors