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Electric Motors, Motor Controls and Gear Reducers

We offer a wide variety of general purpose premium efficiency electric motors and IEEE-841 electric motors with TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) enclosures, severe duty large frame electric motors, and premium efficiency explosion proof electric motors with TEXP (Totally Enclosed Explosion Proof) enclosures. We also offer shaft mount gear reducers and worm gear reducers, motor mounts, motor controls, temperature sensors, and other components, accessories, and options for your operation’s unique needs and environment.

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cface rigid base motor

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Gearmotor TEFC Enclosure Rigid Base

Electric Motors

Gear Reducers

Gearmotors - TEFC Enclosure, Rigid Base, Three-Phase, 208-230/460 and 460 Volt Gearmotors


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Motor Controls

Temperature Sensors