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Because so many of our customers move materials via railcar, we offer a wide variety of railcar products to meet their needs: Spur Track Safety products including Derailers and Derail Boosters, Wheel Chocks, Car Stops, Bumping Posts, Rail Skids and Rail Skidding Shoes, Switch Point Lock, Stabilizing Jacks, and Railroad Switch Direction Indicators; Track Inspection and Maintenance products including Rolling Gauge Reader, Railroad Padlocks, Crossover Platforms, Fall Protection / Sliding Rail Anchors, and Inspection Lights; Warning Signs, Signals, Lights, and Flags including OSHA Mandated Rail Safety Signs and Sign Holders, Motion Sensing Signals, Delineator and Marking Tapes, Safety Helmets and Vests, and Personal Safety Lights; Overhead Crane Safety products including Crane Stops and Remote Controls; Truck Dock Safety products including Trailer Stabilizing Jacks, Truck Dock Safety Lights, Truck Dockboards, Loading Ramps, and Dolly Pads; Car and Locomotive Repair products including stabilizing jacks; Equipment for moving cars, loading and unloading hopper cars, loading and unloading box cars, tank car safety and steel mill track safety including Hopper Car Gate Openers, Box Car Door Openers, Pry Bars, Railcar Dock Board, Air Brooms, Railcar Vibrators, Car Shakers, Tank Car Pry Bars, Tank Car Eyebolts, Tank Car Wheel Blocks, Manual / Hand Car Movers, Railcar Connectors, Car Wall Scrapers, Rerailers, Wheel Wedge, and Carry Poles. 

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Ergonomic Wheel Chock


Aldon Hand Car Mover Application Image

Basic Spur Track Safety



Moving Rail Cars

OSHA Sign Plates

Wheel contact type crane stops

Aldon Switch Cube image

OSHA Sign Plates

Plant Maintenance and Safety

Rail Yard Safety

Boot-Lift Railcar Connector

Railcar Opener

QMC Series Pneumatic Railcar Piston Vibrator

Railcar Connectors

Railcar Openers

Railcar Vibrators

Stop Men at Work

LPRA Low-Profile Railroad Track Scales

Single Chock with Flag

Railroad Signs & Sign Holders

Railroad Track Scales

Railroad Wheel Chocks


accuspeed remote control image 2

Solar flashing light blue with bolting bracket

Aldon car wall scraper

Remote Controls for Rail Applications

Solar Flashing Lights


Spill Control & Rail Car Clean Up

Roadmaster Rolling Gauge Reader

Trailer Stabilizing Jacks

clip on light

Track Inspection

Truck Dock Safety

Worker Safety

Gatemaster I 4020-05

Working with Rail Cars