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M2000 Spherical Roller Bearings

Moline M2000 Mounted Spherical Bearings are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They work exceptionally well in situations where a high capacity align-able bearing is required. They are available in a wide range of shaft sizes and a variety of popular mounts.

Moline M2000 Pillow Blocks, 4-Bolt Flange Bearings, Piloted Flange Bearings and Wide Slot Take-up Bearings are ready to slip onto the shaft when received because they are completely assembled, adjusted, sealed and pre-lubricated at the factory. The self-aligning feature provides for speedy mounting with a minimum of field adjustment required. The housings are ruggedly designed and made in the USA of Class 30 cast iron.


• Available in shaft sizes from 1-3⁄16 to 5"; and 40 to 130mm
• +/- 1-1⁄2" misalignment capacity
• Available in Expansion (red tag) and Non-Expansion (yellow tag) styles
• Expansion units have .100" capacity
• Single piece outer race
• 3 lube holes and groove in outer race
• Precision ground contours
• Will accommodate moderate thrust loads
• Permits angular misalignment without loss of capacity
• Long rollers allow for greater contact
• Standard grease operating temperature is up to 250°, high temperature grease is available up to 350°
• Housings available in the standard painted finish. Powder coating in RAL or custom colors, Stainless Steel Powder coating, Nickel plating, Epoxy and Teflon coatings available on request
• Custom machining and design is available upon request, please call the factory for more information
• Rotating center guide ring for least possible friction
• Housings are made in the USA of Class 30 cast iron
• Piloted Flange housings are machined with back-out holes
• Comes with a Triple Lip Contact Seal standard, also available with Labyrinth Seals for high speed applications and with Spring Loaded Garter Seals for dirty and wet applications
• Made in the United States

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M2000 2-Bolt Pillow Block Bearing

M2000 4-Bolt Flange Bearing

M2000 4-Bolt Pillow Block Bearing

M2000 2-Bolt Pillow Block Spherical Roller Bearings


M2000 4-Bolt Flange Spherical Roller Bearings


M2000 4-Bolt Pillow Block Spherical Roller Bearings


M2000 Piloted Flange Cartidge Bearing

M2000 Wide Slot Take-Up

M2000 Piloted Flange Cartridge Spherical Roller Bearings


M2000 Wide Slot Take-Up Spherical Roller Bearings