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Machine and Hazard Monitoring

Check out our full line of shaft speed switches, shaft speed sensors, shaft speed pulse generators, temperature sensors, bearing sensors and belt alignment hazard monitors, hazard monitors, tachometers, counters and displays, slide gate and angle position monitors, signal conditioners and vibration and tilt monitors.  These products are for many industries including; grain, feed and milling, ethanol processing, biofuels processing, wastewater processing, general manufacturing, bulk materials handling, mining, packaging, water utilities, food processing, power generation and textile production.  These products can be installed in a wide variety of applications including; belt conveyors, screw conveyors, vibratory conveyors, slide gates, bucket elevators, fans, blowers, pumps, hammermills, turbines, rotary airlocks, dryers and crushers.

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Digital Signal Conditioner

Hazard Monitors

Motor Drive Control

Digital Ring Kits

SpeedTalker-DN(BH) DeviceNet

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Shaft Speed Pulse Generators

Shaft Speed Sensors

Slide Gate & Angle Position Sensors

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AP1000 Digital Tachometer

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Speed Switches

Tachometers, Counters & Displays

Temperature Sensors

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EZ Mount Brackets

Vibration & Tilt

Machine and Hazard Monitoring Accessories