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U025 Fluidization Nozzle

Aeration Nozzles

U025 Aeration Nozzles can be easily fitted on bins or silos from outside which makes them particularly suitable for retrofitting or in cases where the inside of a bin cannot be accessed. For sizing, layout and number of nozzles refer to the relevant data sheet.

The plastic insert with the sintered metal nozzle has to be screwed into the steel nipple which has been previously welded on the outside of the bin or silo. Then the connection with the compressed air line has to be carried out.

U025 Aeration Nozzles are used with fine powdery materials at a working pressure of 3 PSI, while U060 Aeration Nozzles work with a pressure of 14 PSI. Decades of experience with U025 have shown that virtually all materials can be successfully fluidized at intermittent operation according to Pulse-Jet or Felder System.

Performance & Technical Features -Benefits:
• Operating pressure: 3 PSI for U025; 14 PSI for U060
• Air consumption: 0.03 cfm at 3 PSI for U025; 1.1 cfm at 14 PSI for U060
• Weight:0.33 lb for U025; 0.62 lb for U060
• Suitable for cement, lime and similar powders

BinMaster Airbrator



Using a combination of aeration and vibration, Airbrator helps solve even the most difficult material flow applications. Its special design creates a vibration as the air flows between the Airbrator pad's boot and the bin wall. Appropriate for use in any type of bin or silo, Airbrator is extremely economical, is quite easy to install, offers durable construction and is self-cleaning.

Airbrator is a very effective flow aid for many types of dry materials such as fly ash, cement, flour, lime, sands and salt – as well as many other difficult granular or powder bulk solid materials – and can even be used with abrasive materials. Airbrator features a stainless steel shaft and can be used in food-grade ...

AD Aerator

Model AD Bin Aerators


The Model AD is an aeration pad or diffuser that is used to provide a means of introducing low pressure air into a dry bulk material that has become compacted due to settling. The air will help restore the material's natural ability to flow.

The Model AD aeration pad helps restore material flow without the sometimes damaging effects of vibration or more expensive and complicated flow systems. The pads use a minimum amount of air (typically 6.5 cfm at 3 psi).

Technical Specifications:
• The standard material of construction includes a zinc plated steel body with galvanized steel mesh and a cotton diffuser.
• Standard units have a temperature rating of 200°F ...

Swivel Jet Aerator

Swivel Jet Aerator


Aerators are used for aerating bulk materials. They allow air to flow into the bin, but prevent cement from flowing back through the air lines. This swivel jet requires clean, dry air.

Vibrating Bin Aerators

Vibrating Bin Aerators


Vibrating Bin Aerator types VB, VBE, VBI and VBM combine product aeration under operating pressure reaching 6 bar (87 PSI) with an additional slight vibration on the silo wall (see data sheet for sizing, positioning and number of aerators). Due to its design damage of the silo is impossible even with abrasive materials. An additional backstop valve is not required as, due to the work pressure of 2 to 6 bar (29-87 PSI), no material can enter the zone beneath the elastic FDA-approved silicon lip. OLI® Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow with powders and granular materials. Due to FDA-conformity of the membrane material the Aerators are suitable for food-grade applications. To meet the most demanding ...

Bronze Aerator Insert

Aeration Components