• Compared to traditional set screw locking, concentric locking reduces fretting corrosion
• Excellent choice for screening and conveying, material and air handling, industrial laundry applications, or any application where vibration, slippage or fretting corrosion is a problem
• Distributes locking force equally through Even-Lok™, reducing the risk of local material failure and particle infiltration in the inner sleeve
• Even-Lok™ is reliable, easy and fast to install and dismount
• Units come completely assembled, sealed and pre-lubricated
• Comes with special Allen wrench for easy mounting and dismounting
• Available in shaft sizes from 1-7/16" to 4"
• +/- 1-1/2° misalignment capacity
• Available in Expansion (red tag) and Non-Expansion (yellow tag) styles
• Expansion units have .100" capacity or .030" per foot of shaft
• Standard grease operating temperature is up to 250°, high temperature grease is 350°, additional lubrication options are available, please call the factory for more information
• Available with Standard Double Lip Contact Seal made by SKF
• Housings available in the standard painted finish,
• Powder coating in RAL or custom colors, Stainless
• Steel Powder coating, Nickel Plating, Epoxy and
• Teflon coatings available upon request
• Custom machining and design is available upon request
• Housings are made of Class 30 cast iron in Illinois and Iowa
• Made in the United States


Shaft Size

N/A 1 3/4"

Expansion Part #

N/A 19631112

Non-Expansion Part #

N/A 19731112

(A) Inch

N/A 2 11/32

(B) Inch

N/A 6 1/8

(C) Inch

N/A 2 3/16

(D) Inch

N/A 5 1/8

(E) Inch

N/A 7/8

(F) Inch

N/A 7/16

(G) Inch

N/A 3/4

(H) Inch

N/A 1/2

(K) Inch

N/A 4 1/4

(M) Inch

N/A 3 5/8

Weight lbs.

N/A 8.5


N/A Moline Bearing Co.