Winches for Pulling & Positioning Railcars

In the rail yard, shipyard or wherever bulk materials are on the move, Thern power winches provide the power and control needed for dependable handling of heavy loads. From positioning barges to pulling rail cars, positioning chutes to hoisting equipment, our winches are working in all areas of bulk handling.

For instance, some customers use, a power winch to position a loading spout used to load clinker for producing cement into trucks. In other applications, dual winch systems are used to control elevation and extension for load chutes. Our power winches provide the high startup torque required for pulling heavy loads like rail cars. Another application is using a power winch to lower load-out chutes on sand towers.

Product Features:
• Load Rating: 30,000 lbs.
• Line Speed: 40 fpm
• Travel Distance: 625 ft.
• Power: 380 VAC, 3 phase, 50 hertz
• Extended groove drum for single layer wrapping and uniform speed
• Chain driven rotary limit switch to limit travel in both directions
• Epoxy gray finish for improved corrosion resistance in marine environments



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