• Pleated media for high dirt holding capacity
• Polyester: Reinforced with epoxy coated steel wire on both sides of cloth
• 40 - 50% increased dust loading capacity with prefilter (part number suffix P)
• Optimal surface area per given size

Technical Specifications:
• Polyester: 99%+ removal efficiency to 5 micron
• Temp (continuous): min -26°F (-15°C), max 220°F (104°C)
• Filter change out differential: 15-20” H2O over initial Δ P

Polyester Media Benefits:
• Washable with lukewarm water & mild detergent
• Less maintenance due to longer durability
• Moisture resistant
• Handles hot air and oil mist from unload cycle of reciprocating/ piston compressor



N/A Polyester

Rated Flow

N/A 550

Surface Area (inch)

N/A 8.6

ID (Inch)

N/A 4-2/3

OD (Inch)

N/A 7-3/4

HT (Inch)

N/A 8-1/2


N/A ISO 9001


N/A Solberg