AE-type actuators are Gear Motor Actuators suitable for a 90° opening and closing of VFS-type Butterfly Valves and VSS-type Ball Segment Valves.
AE actuators come with splined shaft coupling bush according to DIN 5482.

Swivel action makes limit switches (MIC 23 or LSM 0) obligatory.

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits:
• Sturdy and compact design
• Interchangeable with other WAM® Actuators
• Durable
• Matchless cost effectiveness due to mass production

Options & Accessories
• ATEX-version available
• Equipped with the additional CV emergency hand wheel



B (mm)

N/A 135

C (mm)

N/A 200

D (mm)

N/A 120

E (mm)

N/A 150

F (mm)

N/A 60

G (mm)

N/A 80

P (mm)

N/A 13

Motor Protection

N/A IP 55

Max. Starts Per Hour

N/A 20

Weight (Kg)

N/A 13