• Exclusive One Piece
• Rolled-in Crown ensures consistent, proper belt tracking and tighter tolerances

• Engineered for the roughest applications, rugged Douglas Quarry Duty Drum Pulleys are intended for use in applications where down time must  be minimized
• Heavy construction reduces the likelihood of metal fatigue and pulley failure in severe applications minimizing downtime and maintenance
• Full depth weld with reinforcing bar on single longitudinal seam featured on each Douglas Quarry Duty Drum Style Conveyor Pulley
• Crown face pulleys are furnished standard, flat face must be specified
• Douglas hubs feature full depth welds on the inside and outside of the pulley end disk decreasing the likelihood of end disk failure due to shaft deflection and shock loads
• Douglas hubs and bushings are interchangeable with QD®, XT® style, HE, or Taper
• Lock Bushings
• 1/2” to 1” rim thickness; 3/4” - 2” end disk thickness

• Hot Vulcanized Pulley Lagging
• Shafting
• Bearing Assemblies
• Take-Up Systems
• QD®, XT®, HE, Taper Lock Hubs & Bushings
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Galvanized Construction
• Shaft Mount Reducers
• Optional Douglas Keyless Locking Assemblies available



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