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Item # 1001, DRI-AIR Condensing Filters

The DRI-AIR Filter functions as a filter, moisture separator and condenser. It also functions as a storage tank for air at the point of use. Its effectiveness is due to its large size (6" diameter, 36" in length). Air enters the filter at "Inlet" and passes down between inner and outer shells. Expansion of air and extended cooling surface condenses moisture which drops into bottom of outer shell. Air then passes up through drying cartridge to "Outlet". Cartridge removes any remaining moisture and oil. DRI-AIR Condensing Filters have a steel outer shell 6" in diameter and 36" long, and a PVC inner cartridge 21" in length by 4" in diameter. The inner cartridge has a perforated bottom disc. A steel weldment head with 1 1/2" inlet and outlet.

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Surface Finishing Southwest, Inc.

• Dry air
• Clean air
• Auxiliary tank
• O-energy use
• No pressure drop
• Indoor or outdoor installation
• 3 dryer & filter materials

• Compressed air operated, abrasive blast cabinets
• Compressed air operated, abrasive blast rooms
• Dry hone cabinets
• Mechanisms machinery


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