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Item: EASYFILL Collection System for Dust

WAM's EASYFILL™ is a specialized FIBC Filling Station for collection of dust for disposal. EASYFILL™ can collect simultaneously dust from up to 4 filters equipped with a RECOFIL™ Recovery System.

EASYFILL™ RC consists of a steel frame and a bulk bag filling unit including a semi-automatic system for bag sealing which prevents dust leakage during the filling process.

Performance and Technical Features:
• Construction material: carbon steel
• Adjustable height frame (up to 1,850 mm FIBC)
• Complete with tensioning arms for correct positioning of the FIBC
• Complete with semi-automatic locking and sealing mechanism
• Connection for 4 RECOFIL™ included
• Air jet cleaned venting filter included





Easyfill Brochure
(PDF, 7913KB)

(PDF, 1834KB)

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