CLR/RR Series Rotary Pneumatic Railcar Vibrators produce high frequency vibration for unloading materials such as lime or other materials that tend to clump. With high force and high frequency, the CLR/RR Series is an excellent choice when fast unloading is necessary and not obtainable with linear vibrators.

These durable vibrators feature heavy ductile iron castings and very few internal parts. CLR/RR Vibrators are available in two mounting styles: Wedge type to fit standard dovetail brackets and Bite-Clamp type to attach to sills.

The R/R Style features a universal wedge head mount to fit standard dovetail brackets on hopper-bottom railcars.

The C/C Style features a bite-clamp bracket which attaches to the center beam of the railcar ends.
Unit of Measure


Frequency at 85 PSI

N/A 9000 vpm

Centrifugal Force at 85 PSI

N/A 10400 lbs

Air Consumption at 85 PSI

N/A 51 cfm


N/A 61 lb


N/A Houston Vibrator (HVI)