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Item # P-20-2-20W, Direct Fired Water Heaters for Concrete Production

Feature for feature Pearson's heating systems reflect leading-edge technology, which is upgraded on a continual basis in order to maintain a leadership position in concrete production. These heaters have proven to be the most rugged, efficient and reliable in the industry, with a form-follows-function design to facilitate both installation and service. In addition, wherever possible, off-the-shelf brand name replacement parts are used to ensure availability and cost savings for our customers. Options include, among others, total water management systems.


• Burner firing rate matches make-up water flow rate to guarantee a constant water temperature
• Operating efficiency: 85% to 90%
• Direct-fired "in tank" heater features design simplicity and is virtually maintenance free
• Totally automatic temperature control and water feed system
• Digital temperature control can be remotely located
• Applicable for both city and well water
• Weatherproof exterior / no need for a building
• Virtually maintenance free
• Operates on #2 oil, natural gas or propane
• All tanks designed for simplified water chiller add-on
• U.L. approved burner operates on #2 fuel oil, natural gas, propane or combination of gas and oil
• Exclusive patented burner flame retention design does not require a combustion chamber
• Optional pumps available, mounted and pumped
• No chemical treatment required
• No costly re-tubing
• No boiler room or boiler inspection required
• No gas ignition required with oil operation
• Exclusive on all Pearson heaters...
• The Pearson Power Flame Burner
• Lo-fire with smooth lightoff/pulsation-free operation

Patented Burners Feature:
• Solid state timer controls for low-fire start to hi-fire operation
• Pre-purge and delayed oil start
• Factory-wired burner
• Mounted Control Panel
• Patented flame retention head design
• Flange mounted
• All burners pre-tested
• Electric ignition standard
• Operates on #2 oil, natural gas or propane
• Economically priced



Min. Makeup Water GPM/Flow Rate


Hourly Recovery Rate Gals/100° Rise


Available Gal. 1st Hr/100° Rise


Total Usable Gal. 8 Hr./100° Rise





36' 5"


11' 1"


12' 0"

Weight lbs.





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Pearson Full Line Brochure
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Pearson Hot Water Heater Brochure
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