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Conveyor Length 80', Geotrek Conveyor

Superior's track mounted stacker can be linked with portable crushing and screening equipment in applications that require material stockpiling. Equipped with independent hydraulic cylinders at both the head and tail ends of the conveyor, the unit can also be used as a mobile transfer or link conveyor. Other common applications include bulk material loading to ships, barges and trucks.

For smooth and steady handling during travel, Superior engineers equipped the unit with proportional track drive controls. The technology allows for smoother, steadier travel when the tracks are engaged. Each Geotrek® Conveyor also features the company’s patented powerfold design. During unfolding, the stacker’s hydraulic cylinders retract, protecting the cylinder rods from damaging dust and debris during operation. The new track mounted stacker also comes equipped with a remote control to operate the unit’s belt and tracks.

• Proportional track drive technology allows for smoother acceleration and deceleration.
• Onboard diesel engine supplies hydraulic power to the unit.
• Independent hydraulic cylinders at head and tail end allow machine to be used as stacker or transfer.
• Patented design protects hydraulic cylinders from dust and debris during operation.


Conveyor Length


Conveyor Ground Length

65' - 0"

Raised Height to Center of Pulley

32' - 8"

Lowered Transfer Position

6' - 5"

Transport Length

38' - 9-1/2"

Transport Height

8' - 0"

Transport Width

7' - 6"


Superior Industries


·  Geotrek Conveyor

·  Geotrek Conveyor

·  Geotrek Conveyor


Superior Geotrek Conveyor Brochure
(PDF, 3123KB)

VIDEO - Geotrek Conveyor

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