A highly unique innovation, thenTrailblazer® Conveyor includes 500-feet of fully-belted and assembled groundline conveyor in a mobile, one-load, towable package.

Versus Traditional Transfer Conveyors
Let’s say the average transfer conveyor (also known as jumps or grasshoppers) is about 60-feet long. To cover the same 500-foot stretch, you would need at least eight separate conveyors. That is eight transfer points to clean, eight belts to maintain and eight drives to power. With the portable Trailblazer conveyor you have one transfer point, one belt and one power supply.

Versus Traditional Groundline Conveyor
Historically, stationary groundline conveyors require days or even weeks for setup or teardown. Meanwhile, the Trailblazer Conveyor allows rapid deployment from road to working status in a couple of hours. With a gravity-style take-up built into the trailer structure, the portable conveyor simply folds in or out in an accordion fashion from its chassis with a minimal crew required to position the supports.

• Experienced crews can set up 500-foot package in as little as an hour.
• Compared to (8) transfers, this unit requires one power supply, reducing power by 85%.
• This unit has one belt and one transfer point, greatly reducing maintenance.
• Exclusively manufactured by Superior Industries with a technology patent pending.

• 36", 42", 48" belt widths
• Superior branded components


Belt Width

N/A 48"

Kingpin to Ground Height (Transport)

N/A 4' - 1"

Head Pulley to Kingpin (Transport)

N/A 5' - 9"

Kingpin to Axle (Transport)

N/A 63' - 4"

Kingpin to Tail (Transport)

N/A 89' - 5"

Ground to Head Pulley Height (Operation)

N/A 12' - 6"


N/A Superior Industries