•  7.5:1 - 80:1 ratios
•  Box sizes 30-90
•  Alluminum alloy housing for light weight design
•  Hardened worm shaft for increased durability
•  Two bearings on input and output shafts
•  NEMA motor input flanges
•  All units filled with synthetic oil
•  No vent plug or breather needed - maintenance free reducer
•  Double lip oil seals prevent leakage
•  Multiple mounting holes for all angle mounts
•  Epoxy paint applied to inside and outside of reducer to protect against rust
•  Hollow output bores with plug-in output shafts

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Ratio C

N/A 25:1

Output RPM @ 1800 RPM Input

N/A 70

WCD Center (mm)

N/A 90


N/A 56C

Approx. Weight (lbs.)

N/A 28


N/A ISO 9001


N/A WorldWide Electric