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Item: Enterprise Information Server

The Enterprise Information Server acts as an online gateway between the office and production facilities. It allows office and IT personnel to maintain customer/order data in real-time, giving the people responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of data the ability to control it. It allows management to make informed decisions by providing up-to-the-minute, company-wide data on current and historical transactions as well as operational data including material inventory.

Key Benefits:
• Integrates your entire operation
• Multiple production facilities in-sync with the office
• Central plant database provides easy file maintenance as it automatically propagates any changes to all plants
• Transactions automatically sent from the plants to the office for accurate and quick billing
• Current material inventory, silo inventory and plant status are continually updated and available to all authorized personnel on the network
• Authorized personnel have real-time access to company-wide data to manage logistics, answer customer questions and plan production
• Configured queries provide important summary data to management and other users (useful "canned" queries are also provided)
• Data can be accessed and stored with spreadsheet, database, accounting and reporting programs
• Analyze historical data for comparisons and trends
• Office and plants communicate on-line with no interference on plant operations (no loss or slow-down of production)
• Uses a secure communication protocol to prevent loss of data
• Communications can be continuous or on a user-defined schedule for periodic updating
• Plants continue to operate independently if communication link fails, with no data loss




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