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Item: Scorpion Ready Mix Batch Control System

Ace-co's Scorpion Batch Control System merges full-featured plant control with proven reliability, unsurpassed batching accuracy, and ease-of-use. The Scorpion is fully scalable for complete control of simple dry batch operations to large, high-speed multi-mixer production facilities. Ready-Mix Dispatch and Truck Tracking can be added economically for a single or multi-plant operation. New plant and retro-fit applications include Ready-Mix, Precast Products and Pre-Stressed Plants.

Greater Accuracy. Faster Batching. Better Mix Quality.
The Scorpion system features an extremely fast real-time processor that scans data inputs from the plant's scales and meters. This high-speed sampling rate, in conjunction with ACE-CO's precision algorithms, result in greater accuracy and better mix quality while delivering the speed necessary to provide maximum yards per hour from the plant. All batching control functionality is found on one screen. Asynchronous batching capability increases your plant's production providing more profitability each day. Remote batching is also available for those less often used satellite plants.

Longevity. Reliability.
ACE-CO controls production of all critical components, vitually eliminating system obsolescence. There is no need to rely upon third-party components or software modules with built-in end-of-life requiring expensive, mandatory system upgrades. Many of our clients tout that the Scorpion control is the most reliable system on the market. ACE-CO has a very loyal client base that continues to grow.

Advanced Moisture Probes.
The DeltaWave Moisture Control System provides greater accuracy through the best design. The system reads larger material samples and provides greater accuracy, because of their placement under the gate, allowing measurement of material that is actually going into the batch. The DeltaWave measures density, conductivity and temperature. In fact, the DeltaWave is the only system on the market that measures temperature as a key factor in determining the actual moisture in the material.





Scorpion Batching System Brochure
(PDF, 652KB)

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