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Item # On-Site™ Batch Plants: Automated Concrete Batching Plant

MCT's MCM 3.1.25 is an automated concrete batching plant for producing high quality mixed concrete. The main structure of this plant is composed of two 8 ft x 40 ft containers, which means it can easily be transported (by road, ship or train) from one site to another and is extremely easy to assemble. Transportation, installation and commissioning can all be carried out by customer's existing crew without the need for foundations, plumbing or electrical connections.

The plant goes together used pinned connections with no needs for bolts and nuts that we call our "zero nuts and bolt" design. the two containers are connected to each other by four tapered pins positioned at the corners of the lower module, which are inserted and connected to the upper one; providing stability to the entire structure. The electrical and hydraulic connections are carried out and tested in the factory with the aim of guaranteeing maximum reliability of the whole system; the customer's assembly crew are therefore required only to connect the industrial plugs (which are different from each other making any type of mistake impossible) from the motors to the control panel when the system is installed. Finally the "zero nuts and bolts" design means the system can be assembled and dismounted entirely without needing any nuts and bolts.

Managing the plant automation and supervision is the most technologically advanced part of the system and it makes the entire working of the structure basic: the mixing takes place in a very short time and the system for weighing aggregates and cement (on request for water and additives) is very precise. Moisture probes in the aggregates and mixer are optional which allows the quantity of water to be measured in real time and subsequently corrected. A vertical axis planetary mixer is used which means the MCM 3.1.25 can reach a maximum production capacity of 52 yd3/hr (40 m3/hr) of the highest quality concrete. If necessary all operations can be carried out manually using the convenient touch screen panel. There is also the possibility of batching and supervisioning operations at a distance using state of the art wi-fi industrial handheld palmtop.





MCT Brochure
(PDF, 3935KB)

MCM 3.1.25 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant Brochure
(PDF, 692KB)

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