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Item: Pneumatic Level Sensor

DCL’s pneumatic level sensor offers a simple approach to a complex problem: probe selection for your most difficult applications. The sensor will detect the presence of minus-20 mesh materials whether in a highly fluid state or at rest. This sensor does not use electronics to provide the actual sensing, which makes it ideal for high- or low-temperature applications.

All pneumatic level sensor adjustments have been set at the factory. Should you need to adjust the probe, however, it has two adjustment screws. One located on the pressure switch adjusts sensitivity. The other, located on the flow meter, adjusts strength. The system can be checked for operational function by plugging the pneumatic level sensor, simulating product presence. This will test and indicate level full.

A choice of construction materials allows you to effectively bag all types of products – fine, granular, abrasive and corrosive – and difficult dusty or sanitary applications.




Dust Control and Loading Systems, Inc.


Pneumatic Level Sensor Brochure
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Aeration Conveying Brochure
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