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Item # WWEBCDSSRV12-500, HD Heavy Duty Reduced Voltage Soft Start Starters


With Full Rated Wired Emergency Bypass

• Separate start and run overload protection:
• Two programmable overload trip curves allow for the thermal
• capacity required to start the load, while providing more closely
• matched overload protection during the run time.
• Integral bypass contactors are standard on all sizes
• and can soft start most any load.
• Real-time thermal modeling a dynamic thermal register
• continuously calculates motor operating temperature
• even when your motor isn't running.
• PTC thermistor input for use on motors with embedded
• PTC temperature sensors.
• Current imbalance trip and biasing of the thermal register.
• Electronic shear pin trip (overcurrent) with trip delay.
• Phase loss protection bases on current and voltage.
• Equipment ground fault trip and monitoring.
• Load loss trip (under current) with trip delay.
• Pre-start shorted load protection checks for motor lead
• or winding damage.

Power Components
• 6 SCRs in inverse parallel pairs for full phase angle soft start control
• 1600V PIV rating on all units
• RC snubber for dv/dt protection of each SCR pair

Line Voltage Range
• 200 to 600 VAC, 3 phase + 10%-15%,  50/60 Hz

Current Ratings
• 18 to 800A depending on unit selection
• Range of each unit is 50-100% of maximum

AC Supply Voltage
• User supplied 120VAC + 10%-15% tolerance, 60 Hz
• Optional 240VAC 50 Hz control available

Start / Stop Control Choices
• 2-wire Run-Stop using dry contacts
• 3-wire Start/Stop with built-in seal in contact
• N.C. Interlock input (dry contact) for remote devices

Ramp Control Choices (4 built-in)
• Voltage Ramp
• Voltage Ramp with Current Limit
• CLT© Closed Loop Torque Ramp (Current Ramp)
• Current Step (current limit only)
• Ramp times adjustable 1-120 seconds
• Current limit adjustable 200-600% of FLA

Kick Start
• 10-100% starting torque for 0.1-2 seconds



HP at 230 Volts


HP at 460 Volts


Max. FLA


Dimensions (Inches)

48 x 33 x 16


WorldWide Electric


HD Heavy Duty Soft Start Starters Brochure
(PDF, 968KB)

Electric Motor Controls
(PDF, 9231KB)