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Item # 06L32B, 06L Mist Lubricator - Compact

The 06L is a mist lubricator that injects a mist of oil into the flowing air stream to automatically provide the correct amount of internal lubrication for air tools and other pneumatic devices. This type of lubricator can be precisely adjusted to a very low oil flow rate because only a portion of the oil drops seen in the sight dome travels downstream. Proportional oil is delivered over a wide range of air flows and a precision needle valve assures repeatable oil delivery. A slight adjustment can provide a desired mist rate.

This unit is ideal for low and high flow applications that demand uniform lubrication in a robust package.  This lubricator can be mounted using a modular connector to other 06 Series Prep-Air II product. F442 oil is suggested for lubrication and will allow the product to perform at peak performance. With the various options available, the 06L is easily configurable to your application.

• Compact Mist Lubricator
• Mounting: In-line or Mounting Bracket
• Port Size: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
• Port Type: NPT, BSPP
• Flow (SCFM): 40 (1/4"), 60 (3/8"), 90 (1/2")
• Temperature Rating (ºF): 32° to 125° (Polycarbonate Bowl), 32° to 175° (Metal Bowl)
• Temperature Rating (ºC): 0° to 52° (Polycarbonate Bowl), 0° to 80° (Metal Bowl)
• Pressure Rating (psig): 0 to 150 (Polycarbonate Bowl), 0 to 250 (Metal Bowl)
• Pressure Rating (bar): 0 to 10.3 (Polycarbonate Bowl), 0 to 17.2 (Metal Bowl)
• Body Material: Zinc
• Weight (lb): 1.2
• Drains: Twist
• Seals: Nitrile


Port Size

1/2 in

Bowl Material

Poly Bowl/Metal Guard

Bowl Size

2.9 oz


90 scfm

Pressure Range

0 to 150 psig
0 to 10.3

Temperature Range

0 to 52 ºC
32 to 125

Dimension A

2.81 in

Dimension B

2.74 in

Dimension C

2.24 in

Dimension D

5.58 in

Dimension E

7.82 in

Dimension F

2.25 in

Body Material



Parker / Schrader Bellows
1 SCFM = Standard cubic feet per minute at 90 PSIG inlet and 5 PSIG pressure drop.


Lubricators Brochure
(PDF, 2548KB)

Prep Air II
(PDF, 8712KB)

Air Preparation Units Product Selection Chart
(PDF, 2153KB)

Parker Mist Air Lubricators Brochure
(PDF, 4943KB)

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