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Item: Model B² Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer

The Model B² Side-by-Side SNUBNOSE Reclaimer System offers the ability to reclaim from 1 up to 2 yards-per-minute, from 4 trucks at once, with the added benefit of Redundancy!

Competitive brands offer discharge “buffers” to feed their reclaimers, which only deliver about 1/3 yard-per-minute!  That’s right, it takes 3 minutes to reclaim 1 yard—up to 6 times slower than the BFK!

In addition, if either the buffer or the reclaimer goes down, you’re done reclaiming until you get it fixed!

Not with a B² system.  If one Reclaimer becomes in-operable, you still have the ability to reclaim! 


Each Reclaimer Includes:

• 5HP (3.7kW) Submersible Pump
• 5HP (3.7kW) Rotary Screen Gearmotor
• 5HP (3.7kW) Sand Screw Gearmotor
• 14" Diameter Infeed Auger
• 1/4" Square Op. Rock Screen
• 24" Diameter Sand Screw
• (2) Washout Stingers

Generally Recommended for:

• Large Size Ready-Mix Plants Operating around 30-50 Mixer Trucks
Design Capacity 1 to 2 yard3-per-minute [up to 1.5 m3/minute]
4 Truck Discharge


Standard: 230/460VAC, 60Hz, 3ø
Optional:  380/50/3ø or 575/60/3ø


12’L x 8’-6"H x 8'W

Approx. Weight (lbs.)

15,000 (for 2 Snubnose)


BFK Technologies Inc.


·  Model B² Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer

·  Model B² Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer


Model B² Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer
(PDF, 2695KB)

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