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Item: Model R2 Concrete Reclaimer

The Model R2 Reclaimer is used where separation of rock and sand is not necessary.

It is also a good fit for plants that need to separate small amounts of solids from rather large quantities of slurry water, such as plants running GFRC or other specialty mix designs.

Capable of reclaiming 1 to 3 yards-per-hour, the R2 captures solids larger than 35 mesh [0.5mm, or 0.0197”], including many fibers.

The R2 can be fitted with a wide variety of infeed hoppers and a Star Prefeeder to do the job you need done!


Each Reclaimer Includes:

• 1.3HP (1.0kW) Submersible Pump
• 0.5HP (0.4kW) Rotary Screen Gearmotor
• 1.5HP (1.1kW) Aggregate Auger Gearmotor
• 0.5 to 1.0HP (0.4 to 0.8kW) STAR Prefeeder Gearmotor (depending on capacity)
• 35 Mesh Square Op. Screen
• 12” Diameter Aggregate Auger

Generally Recommended for:

• Precast, Pipe and Block Plants including specialty mixes such as GFRC
• Design Capacity 1 to 3 yard3-per-hour [up to 2.3m3/hour]


Standard Input Power: 230/460VAC, 3Ph., 60Hz
Other Power Inputs available


10’L x 5’-9”H x 8’-6”W

Approx. Weight (lbs.)



BFK Technologies Inc.


·  Model R2 Concrete Reclaimer

·  Model R2 Concrete Reclaimer

·  Model R2 Concrete Reclaimer


Model R2 Concrete Reclaimer
(PDF, 2028KB)

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