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Item: Compumat Batch Control System

Compumat is a computerized automation system that allows the supervision and management of concrete batching plants, aggregate bin load systems and Concrete Delivery Systems by Flying Bucket.

Compumat, is installed on a common personal computer with Windows operating System and allows the system to provide:
• Simplicity of use
• Overall reliability
• Longer operating life
• Ease of upgrades and expansion

This is system has been developed and tested for:
• Weighing dosing systems
• Volumetric dosing systems
• Chemical admixtures systems
• Temperature and steam control
• Moisture with "on the fly" water correction
• Concrete plasticity control
• Data remote transmissions
• Tracking systems for truck mixers

User Section/Compumat
The operator monitors, manages the operations and modifies the data fields and can supervise all batch operations by simply watching the video control system applied.

Our tested software programs allow for:
• Batch Data and Formula Reports
• Daily Production and Software Management.
• Management of Casting Bed Concrete Requirements
• Inventory Management
• Concrete Process Optimization
• Automatic Testing and Diagnosis
• Data storage of the plant functions
• Database Management from MCT developed software.

The Use of Hard Disk as a storage archive insuring the following history:
• All batched loads
• All machine processes
• All customer delivery tickets 
• All data sent to dispatch
• All periodic statistic parameters

It's also possible to print daily production reports, formulas and total yardage.

• With Compumat the Entire Cycle of concrete production is automated.

There are multiple ways to call for the start of a batch:
1. Via radio, allowing to the operator to determine the formula and also the destination; this way allows the distribution system to minimize the timing of production cycles.

2. By a low level indicator inserted in the hopper that can automatically call for the next batch.

3. By networking with external machines (PC, PLC, WI-FI or GSM REMOTE CONTROL )
The Compumat can receive calls from multiple location and for every location a different priority can be assigned so that production is optimized.
Then, while the mixer is working on a batch, the system optimizes the production cycle pre-loading the scales for the next batch with the requested material from the new formula.

4. Finally, during batching and concrete delivery operations, the operator is warned by the Compumat System of any possible anomalies and then signals the operator with alarms should any parameters be out of tolerance or limit switches not met. All alarms are registered and the registration can be used to correct future problems.






Compumat Batch Control System
(PDF, 1264KB)

MCT Brochure
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