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Item: Excalibur Light-Weight Radio Remote Control

The Excalibur, part of the CattronControl™ family, is a compact keypad control unit for cranes, lifting equipment and a diverse range of machines. The Excalibur employs advanced dual processor electronics and safety critical software, protected in an ergonomic and robust housing that is well suited for use in aggressive industrial environments.

The Excalibur features an external RFID Transkey™, for simple unit configuration, this allows facilities to quickly deploy spare units by simply swapping the RFID Transkey between the operating unit and a spare, so downtime and spares holding are minimized.

The Excalibur has several different variants with 6, 8, 10 or 12 dual step push buttons that can beindependently configured and set to operate on cranes and machines with up to 5 reversing functions, plus typically, start and horn.

An electronic on/off switch and E-Stop, plus optional A-B select with LED confirmation, make the Excalibur a great choice for a wide range of applications where a compact and robust controller is desired. The sleek construction with contoured polymer and integrated rubber bumper make this a tough unit, and the dual step push buttons with good tactile feel make operating the unit a pleasure.

There are so many possibilities with its high reliability push buttons, varied RF options, feedback onto the 4 multi-function LEDs, Tandem, multi-crane/machine selection capabilities, RFID Transkey and global compliance, this tough and compact controller is ideal for operation in numerous applications, and operators maintain total freedom of movement for safe and efficient operations.

• Sets standards in terms of ergonomics, operational safety and flexibility
• Can be used worldwide thanks to its versatile configuration options
• Applications from simple hoists, machine control or gate control through to large overhead traveling cranes with 2 trolleys and/or additional functions such as a grabber, a magnet etc.
• For tandem and dual-transmitter operation (request & release)
• Approvals and frequencies for many countries
• Sophisticated and proven safety concept for complying with EN ISO 13849-1
• Customer-specific programming possible
• Can be matched with different receivers
• Tandem and dual-transmitter operation available
• One-piece elastic mat with integrated push-buttons and shock protection
• Impact-resistant plastic housing



Laird Controls North America, Inc.


Excalibur Remote Control Brochure
(PDF, 3166KB)

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