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Item: Idler Aligner

The Martin® Idler Aligner provides a safe and effective method to manually fine tune self-adjusting idlers. The handle and comb allow for coarse adjustment, while slots allow for finer tuning.

Features and Benefits:
• Eliminates the need to tie off idlers to surrounding structure. Allows workers to safely and conveniently make manual adjustments to fine tune self-adjusting idlers from outside of the stringer.
• Features a hole for padlock placement to restrict access.
• Slotted comb provides a range of incremental adjustment settings (plus or minus 7.5 degrees) to ensure reliable, consistent performance. Alternatively, positioning the handle above the locking bar allows the handle to float freely to provide course adjustment of plus or minus 2.5 degrees.
• Installation is a one-man job, requiring no measuring, cutting or heavy lifting.

• Aligner bracket mounts to most manufacturers’ self-adjusting idlers.
• Stainless steel construction also available.


P/N 5-Digit Prefix


CEMA Class Options

C: CEMA Class C for PPI Idler
D: CEMA Class D for PPI Idler

Base Width Options

S: Standard Base Width
W: Wide Base Width

Material Options

P: Painted Mild Steel
C: 304 Stainless Steel
S: 316 Stainless Steel


Martin Engineering


Idler Aligner Data Sheet
(PDF, 643KB)