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Item # 730-5133, VR-51

The VR-51 extended vibrating rod uses a steel-rope reinforced cable and allows for insertion lengths from 19 inches up to 19 feet. This vibrating rod with a flexible extension is custom manufactured to the desired length specification at the BinMaster factory. The VR-51 is intended for top mount applications and can be used to detect materials that are heavy, medium or light weight including those which are extremely light and fluffy.

Consistent in design with other BinMaster vibrating rods, the VR-51 features a unique single-rod probe design with a sword-shaped blade to help prevent the bridging of material, making it superior to typical “tuning fork” designs by allowing material to easily flow by and prevent build up on the blade. Other benefits include a self-cleaning sensor, switch selectable high/low fail-safe, and an auto sensing power supply which can accommodate 20 up to 250 volts AC/DC. Remote electronics via a point level alarm panel are available to alert to bin levels for four up to 24 individual sensors.


• Unique “blade” probe design reduces false alarms caused by buildup
• No calibration required
• Wear and maintenance free
• No moving parts
• Three sensitivity adjustments
• Universal power supply
• Self-cleaning sensor
• Remote electronics available
• Custom lengths from 19” to 19’
• Switch selectable high/low fail-safe


• Power Requirements: Wide range 20-250V AC/DC
• Relay: DPDT
• Time Delay: 1 second from stop of vibration, 2 to 5 seconds for start of vibration
• Ambient Temp: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
• Process Temp: To 176°F standard (80°C); to 284°F high temp (140°C)
• Pressure: 145 psi Enclosure: Die cast aluminum, NEMA 4, 5 & 12
• Insertion Length: 19” to 19’ Mounting: 1-1/2” NPT Materials Densities: From 1.25 lb./cu. ft.


• Suitable for high level indication, mounted on top of bin
• Detects extremely light, fluffy materials and materials with low dielectric constants
• Material densities from 1.25 lb./cu. ft.
• Carbon black, plastics, fly ash, feed, seed, grain, food, chemicals and other materials





20 to 250 VAC


70 ºC




Vibrating Rod Brochure
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Vibrating Rod Manual
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Procap & Vibrating Rod Application Worksheet
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SPANISH- BinMaster Catalogo Digital
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Level Indicator Product Selection Chart
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BinMaster Full Line Brochure
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