• Automatically adjusts for belt stretch
• Engineered for proper belt tension
• Suitable for conveyors with high elevation
• Does not require ground support
• 30% less weight with lever arm design increases component life

• Standard assembly consists of:
• 2 - Drum bend pulleys, shaft and ball bearing pillow blocks
• 1 - Drum take-up pulley, shaft and ball bearing pillow blocks
• 1 - Lever arm frame, pivot shaft and weight box (less weight)
• Constructed with first quality, heavy structural steel frame
• Pulleys are preassembled with shafting and bearings to expedite installation

• Can be custom designed for your application if conveyor specifications are supplied
• Lagged Pulleys
• Mine Duty Pulleys
• Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks



N/A Scissor Pivot Take-up for 42’’ Belt


N/A Douglas Manufacturing