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 All Categories    CEMA C Troughing Idlers (Unequal Length Rollers) - 4", 5" & 6" Diameter
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Item # C6-35U-30, CEMA C Troughing Idlers (Unequal Length Rollers) - 6" Diameter


CEMA Rating


Roller Diameter

6 in

Troughing Angle

35 º

Belt Width1

30 in

Dimension A

39 in

Dimension B

9 in

Dimension C

15 1/8 in

Dimension D

30 3/8 in

Dimension E

5/16 in

Dimension F

14 1/8 in

Dimension G2

41 in

Dimension H

6 in

Dimension J

9 1/2 in

Dimension K

5/8 in


70 lb


Superior Industries
1 Belt Width (Reinforcing on 36" BW - 60" BW Impact Frame Only)
2 Recommended bolting pattern


CEMA Rated Idlers Brochure
(PDF, 1178KB)

Idler Catalog
(PDF, 3611KB)

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