• Soft starting and smooth ramp-down
• Stepless starting
• Reduction of current peaks
• Reduced load on the power supply network
• Reduction of the mechanical load in the operating mechanism
• Avoidance of mains voltage fluctuations during starting
• Considerable space savings and reduced wiring compared with conventional starters
• Maintenance-free switching

Performance range:
• Up to 900 HP (at 460 volt) inline circuit
• Up to 1600 HP (at 460 volt) inside-delta circuit

In addition to soft starting and soft ramp-down, the solid state 3RW44 softstarters provide numerous function for higher-lever requirements. The new torque control and adjustable current limiting enable the high-feature soft starters to be used in nearly every application. They guarantee the reliable avoidance of sudden torque applications and current peaks during motor starting and stopping. This creates savings potential when calculating the size of the switchgear and when servicing the machinery installed.

The bypass contacts already integrated in the softstarter bypass the thermistors after a motor ramp-up is detected. This results in a further reduction in the heat loss occurring during operation of the softstarter.

Combinations of various starting operating and ramp-down possibilities ensure an optimum adaptation to the application specific requirements.


HP at 200 Volts

N/A 200

HP at 230 Volts

N/A 250

HP at 460 Volts

N/A 550

Rated Operational Current

N/A 693

Terminal Type

N/A Screw

Supply Voltage

N/A 115


N/A WorldWide Electric