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Aluminum Flat Tank Covers - Extruded

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RPS Engineering's Extruded Flat Tank Cover is a clear-span structure supported by the specified tank structure. All individual panels alternately mate with adjacent panel, and overlap the support structure. No more than the adjacent panels need removal to remove any one panel. Each panel is one welded assembly; comprised of a primary extrusion, extruded plank, stiffener, and integrated bidirectional non-skid surface. Handles, bolts and hinges are safe and pose no tripping hazard.
A. Dead load of individual removable panels not to exceed 150 lbs.
B. All dissimilar surfaces are separated by gasket or sealant.
C. All mating and bearing surfaces are gasketed, forming a mostly air-tight system.
D. The cover must be sealed enough to allow the odor control system to work properly, but allow for air intake.  A safety intake should also be present.
E. No appreciable water ponding allowed.


A. Aluminum Association Specifications for Aluminum Structures shall be the reference standard for determining allowable loads and stress limitations for the aluminum cover.  Specify the following loading criteria:
1. Live Load  (20 - 50 psf) typical or as specified
2. Snow Load  (20 - 40 psf) typical or as specified
3. Wind Load  (90 - 100 mph) typical or as specified
4. Seismic Zone, Design Response Spectrum, Importance Factor as specified by governing code

B. Cover panels designed to sustain each load:
1. Uniform Loads:  (20 - 100 psf) typical over the total panel or as specified
2. Concentrated Load:  250 lbs over 1 sq. ft. area of the panel anywhere or as specified
3. Load Combinations:  Per Governing Code

C. ASCE 8-90 gives safety factors for stainless steel bolts and anchors.

D. ASTM F593 gives minimum strength of material for stainless steel bolts and anchors.

E. Design the cover for thermal expansion and contraction over the ambient temperature of range of -30° F to +140° F.