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AirMac™ Blower System

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Increased productivity and reduced costs are just a few advantages of using the AirMac™ blower package. They eliminate the need for blowers on individual tanker trucks, reducing wear on your trucks, decreasing fuel usage, and lowering maintenance costs. Plus, they speed up your operations with a quick truck turnaround.

Standard Equipment:
Positive displacement rotary lobe design with synthetic lubricant
Motor: TEFC, 220/440/3/60, Class F insulation, E Pak efficiency 1.15 S.F.
Direct Drive: Non-lubricated EPDM rubber element, 1.5 S.F. with enclosed guard
Relief Valve: Sized for full capacity, spring style design
Discharge Check Valve: Eliminates back-flow of material in the blower
Air Pressure Gauge: Features a stainless steel case with liquid-filled dial face
Inlet Filter: Heavy-duty, oversized with replaceable dry element
Lubricant Level Gauge: Allows quick view of blower lubricant level
Steel Base: Rugged construction provides outstanding mounting platform with lifting lugs.


AirMac™ Blower and AirMac™ Automatic Transfer System Package Brochure
(PDF, 470KB)

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Item #


Air Flow

Est. Capacity per Hr.

Motor Rating

Motor Speed

Motor Voltage


Service Factor

Blower Size

AMDD-20 12 psi 310 cfm 14-20 tons 20 hp 3500 rpm 220-440 V/3/60 TEFC 1.15% SF 404
AMDD-30 12 psi 470 cfm 14-22 tons 30 hp 3525 rpm 220-440 V/3/60 TEFC 1.15% SF 406
AMDD-40 15 psi 460 cfm 18-25 tons 40 hp 3500 rpm 220-440 V/3/60 TEFC 1.15% SF 406
AMDD-50 15 psi 460 cfm 18-25 tons 50 hp 3500 rpm 220-440 V/3/60 TEFC 1.15% 406
AMDD-60 15 psi 690 cfm 24-50 tons 60 hp 3500 rpm 220-440 V/3/60 TEFC 1.15% SF 409
AMDD-75 15 psi 920 cfm 45-57 tons 75 hp 3500 rpm 220-440 V/3/60 TEFC 1.15% SF 412
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1