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AirMac™ Automatic Transfer System Package

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The C&W AirMac™ Automatic Transfer System Package gives you an efficient method of conveying a wide variety of bulk dry materials. The AirMac™ transfer system package is made up of the AirMac™ Blower Package PLUS a rotary vane feeder, adjustable slide gate, blow-through box, electrical control panel, bin adapter, bin indicators, and transfer line to give you a complete transfer system!

Standard Equipment:

Adjustable Slide Gate:
Slide gate features a wheel handle with ball bearings for adjustment. Constructed of steel c-channel.

AMDD Blower Package Includes all the standard equipment of the AirMac blower package, including motor/blower, direct drive, inlet filter, check and relief valves, pressure gauge, and the steel base.

Blow-Through Box: Allows efficient transfer of material from the rotary vane feeder into the transfer line. Includes all necessary mounting hardware.

Electrical Control Panel: Available for 220 V or 440 V, our control panel is housed in a NEMA 3R weatherproof cabinet. It features a main fused quick disconnect, transformer, sequential

Rotary Vane Feeder: Rotary vane feeder features a hardened, chrome-plated, gray cast iron inner body, gray cast iron end plates, and a cast iron rotor with tips. (Size based on desired material transfer rate) Air Purge System included for longer bearing life.


·  Made in the USA


AirMac™ Blower and AirMac™ Automatic Transfer System Package Brochure
(PDF, 470KB)

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Transfer per Hour

Vane Feeder

AMT 75-14 75 hp 40-49 14 in
AMT-20-10 20 hp 10-12 10 in
AMT-20-8 20 hp 5-10 8 in
AMT-30-12 30 hp 13-19 12 in
AMT-40-14 40 hp 20-24 14 in
AMT-50-14 50 hp 20-25 14 in
AMT-60-14 60 hp 31-39 14 in
AMT-60-16 60 hp 36-40 16 in
AMT-75-16 75 hp 41-54 16 in
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1