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Hydro-Mix VII

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Hydronix's Hydro-Mix VII is a rugged, flush mounted microwave moisture measurement sensor for mixers, chutes and conveyors in process control environments. Designed by Hydronix to be installed in the turbulent environment of a mixer, the Hydro-Mix features integral signal processing and is easily connected to any control system. The sensor reads at 25 times per second which enables rapid response to changes in moisture content, including the determination of homogeneity.

Typically used to measure moisture in concrete mixing, the Hydro-Mix VII is also used successfully in other industries where it can be installed in a mixer, for example, grain processing and animal feed. The Hydro-Mix is fitted into the floor of a mixer or screw conveyor and takes measurements as the material flows over the ceramic head during processing.



Hydro-Mix VII Brochure
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Hydronix Product Range Brochure
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HM07T Standard mode with linear output for digital or analog connection
HM07C Compatible mode
0033 Adjustable Clamp Ring (provided with sensor)
09XX Ceramic Replacement Kit- various options available
HS02 Hydro-Skid- Mounting option for belt conveyors
0021 Fixing Plate for welding to mixer (required)
0035 Blanking Plate to cover hole when the sensor is removed
0975 4m Sensor Cable with military specification sensor connector
0116 Power Supply 30 Watt for up to 4 sensors
0049A RS-232-485 Converter- DIN rail mounting
0049B RS-232-485 Converter- 9 pin D-type to terminal block
SIM01-A USB Sensor Interface Module including cables and power supply
EAK01 Ethernet Adapter Kit
EPK01 Ethernet Power Kit
M7EW 4 Year Extended Warranty Option
  Results 1 - 15 of 15 1