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MT Series Turbine Concrete Mixer

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The Sicoma high speed turbine concrete mixer, like the others in the family, has been carefully designed and perfected over many years to be fast, rugged and reliable.  The MT turbine mixer is a world class performer in the production of both wet and dry cast concrete.


The MT's mixing action comes from the rotating blades, which are scientifically designed to push the material from the inside to the outside of the chamber and back again, whilst lifting and folding it, mixing the concrete fully in a few revolutions.


The MT's mixing arms are suspended from spring-action mounts, allowing them to ride up and over any possible obstructions without damage.  The large, cool running epicyclical reduction gear is direct driven;  no belts to wear and break.  The mixer can be started with a full load without damage.


Deep mixing chamber is larger than others in its class, ensuring that it can be truly filled to its rated capacity and properly mixed. Performs equally well on full and small partial batches.


MT Series Turbine Concrete Mixer Brochure
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Item #

Loading Capacity

Compacted Yield

Pan Diameter

Mixing Motor

Planetary Speed rpm

Mixing Arms/ Scraper Blades

Weight lbs.

MT150 2.0 cu. yd. 1.3 cu. yd. 96 inches 50 HP 21 7/2 8378
MT2250 3.0 cu. yd. 1.3 cu. yd. 96 inches 75 hp 21 8/2 10,528
MT3000 4.0 cu. yd. 2.0 cu. yd. 129 inches 100 hp 12 11/2 14,992
MT4500 6.0 cu. yd. 4.0 cu. yd. 162 inches 150 15 14/2 23,810
MT5250 7.0 cu. yd. 4.7 cu. yd. 162 inches 175 hp 15 14/2 24,471
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