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MCT's Concrete Production Moisture Control

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• The moisture control is an integrated program on a Windows platform and for every single cycle there is a filed moisture value that is in the aggregates. These values are filed into data storage where it is possible to access easily by Windows software such as Excel, Access, etc.
• Every single aggregate hopper is equipped with a probe to detect moisture in sand and coarse aggregates and the probe communicates these values to the system.
• On request, each moisture probe can be equipped with a Temperature detection system which can interface to aggregate heating or cooling systems.
• The system reports on the Graphs the live activity reporting the cycle progress.
• Moisture Systems are available for both aggregate and concrete. Microwave moisture systems are also available.
• MCT offers a concrete plasticity control system specifically engineered in our R&D division at MCT's Factory that can be installed inside Planetary and Twin Shaft mixers for SCC concrete control.

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Concrete Production Moisture Control MCT
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