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261PF Nut and Plastic Sleeve

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• Three piece construction-nut, sleeve and body
• Use with copper, aluminum, plastic, or nylon tubing (copper, aluminum, and nylon tubing requires a brass sleeve)
• -65° to +250° F temperature range with brass sleeve
• -40° to +150° F temperature range with plastic sleeve
• POLY-CONNECT fittings do not cause twisting or weakening of the tube, and can stand maximum movement of the tubes
• All fittings come pre-assembled with a fixed insert in the body of the fitting which saves from 36% to 93% of the installation time

To Assemble:
1. Cut tube squarely and insert tubing into fitting until it bottoms.
2. Then tighten only the nut with the hands, no tools required.
3. Can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly.

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