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Spring Tensioner XHD

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A compressed spring allows the Martin® XHD Spring Tensioner to maintain belt cleaner pressure, while absorbing splice impact. This belt scraper tensioner incorporates a rugged blade and sturdy mainframe for wider, high tonnage belts.

Features and Benefits:
• The Martin® XHD Spring Tensioner provides effective cleaning pressure, yet cushion splice shock to prevent damage
• Powerful tensioners provide effective tension for heavy-duty belt cleaners and stand up to tough conditions
• Tension is set by compressing the spring until the end washer is in line with belt width according to gauge label on gauge plate


Belt Cleaner Tensioners Mounts and Brackets Brochure
(PDF, 632KB)

Tensioners HD Max and XHD Manual
(PDF, 6476KB)

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37806 DT2 Inline Cleaner XHD (Spring Tensioner) 18-96 83 (37.6)
37806-A DT2 Inline Cleaner XHD (Air Tensioner) 18-96 83 (37.6)
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