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Model PT Belt Cleaner

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The Model PT is used to prevent foreign material from being caught between the belt and the tail pulley. These conveyor belt cleaners deflect material off the belt before damage is done to the belting or tail pulley.

The Model PT plow style belt cleaners reduces the chances of belt damage and punctures by removing foreign material from the inside of the conveyor belt. These cleaners are helpful where belts are being overloaded or skirting has been worn.

Technical Specifications:
• Housing is polyester powder-coated carbon steel.
• Standard 80 durometer rubber blade is 1" x 4" for Model PT, and 80 durometer rubber blade is 1" x 6" for Model HPT.
• The unit is mounted on the conveyor framework by welding or bolting.
• After initial installation, the spring loaded blade continues to adjust itself against the conveyor belt.
• Safety chains provided, securing plow to conveyor framework to avoid runaway situation.
• Urethane blades available as an option.
• The operating temperature range is -40ºF to 150ºF.



Model PT and HPT Belt Cleaner Catalog
(PDF, 433KB)

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PT Belt Cleaner for 12" Conveyor Width 12 in 35 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 16" Conveyor Width 16 in 39 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 18" Conveyor Width 18 in 41 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 20" Conveyor Width 20 in 43 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 24" Conveyor Width 24 in 47 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 30" Conveyor Width 30 in 53 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 36" Conveyor Width 36 in 60 lb ISO 9001
PT Belt Cleaner for 42" Conveyor Width 42 in 70 lb ISO 9001
  Results 1 - 8 of 8 1