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Tunnel Reclaim Conveyors

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Superior's tunnel reclaim conveyors are designed to help you keep a continuous feed of material moving toward your aggregate processing plant. Relying on this storage pile decreases your dependency on loaders, which are often left to wait for their previous load to process before adding more material.

These heavy duty, modular designs are built in either dome or box style shapes and are available in standard widths of 8, 10 and 12 feet. Other popular options include vibrating pan or belt feeder box sections, which can be roof or floor mounted, and specific walkway preferences.

• Maintain a continuous or on demand feed of material to your processing plant.
• Decrease your dependency on expensive loaders, fuel and operators.
• Modular design allows for future modifications without replacing the entire system.
• Designed and manufactured for equal pressure across the tunnel's entire length.


·  Tunnel Reclaim

·  Tunnel Reclaim

·  Tunnel Reclaim

·  Tunnel Reclaim


Tunnel Reclaim Conveyor Brochure
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Standard Lengths

Modular Increments

8' - 0" 8' - 0" 1 17' or 51' 34"
10' - 0" 9' - 0" 1-2 17' or 51' 34"
12' - 0" 9' - 6" 1-2 17' or 51' 34"
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1