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Heavy Duty Loading Spouts

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DCL's Heavy Duty Loading Spouts are designed to load dry bulk materials from conveyors and other discharge points into open barges, ships and onto stockpiles.

These rugged heavy duty spouts are available in retracted lengths as low as 10 feet [3 m] and travels up to 100 feet [30.5 m]. Loading rates can vary up to 2700 cubic feet per minute [76.5 m³/min] depending on product being loaded.

A choice of construction materials allows you to effectively handle all types of products – fine, granular, lumpy, abrasive and corrosive – and difficult dusty or sanitary applications.



Heavy Duty Loading Spouts Brochure
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Item #

Loading Capacity

Average Air Withdrawal

Lifting Speed

OV38HD 600 CFM 4,000 CFM 6 FPM thru 36 FPM
OV44HD 760 CFM 6,000 CFM 6 FPM thru 36 FPM
OV58HD 1,300 CFM 8,000 CFM 6 FPM thru 36 FPM
OV66HD 1,800 CFM 10,000 CFM 6 FPM thru 36 FPM
OV88HD 2,700 CFM 10,000 CFM 6 FPM thru 36 FPM
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1