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KILFROST Anti-Freeze Air Line Lubricant

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Features & Benefits:

• Protect your Solenoid Valves and Cylinders
• Prevents Freezing
• Absorbs Moisture
• Fire Resistant
• Provides Rust & Corrosion Protection

KILFROST is economical when fed at the correct rate and it is not readily blown out of the exhaust port and wastefully dissipated. Any pneumatic equipment subject to moist conditions such as your cylinders and valves will benefit from KILFROST'S unique ability to permanently absorb moisture and carry it out the exhaust port. This product is not recommended for use above 100°F. KILFROST IS NOT AN ADDITIVE AND MUST NOT BE MIXED WITH OTHER OILS.  It is to be used as received.

KILFROST absorbs the water in the air line, depressing the freezing point, thus eliminating freezing. This Anti-Freeze Air Line Lubricant also maintains high lubricity, unlike other air line oils whose lubrication qualities deteriorate rapidly when water is present.

KILFROST is a semi-synthetic lubricant that has none of the drawbacks associated with mineral oils. KILFROST is the only true anti-freeze air line lubricant which will not damage polycarbonate bowls, or the polyurethane or buna seals seen commonly in your cylinders and solenoid valves.

KILFROST must be introduced to the air stream by an air line lubricator which will atomize the liquid and meter the flow. Jamieson Equipment Company maintains a stock of these lubricators - just let us know the pipe size when you place the order.

Uses include: solenoid valves, air cylinders, air vibrators, butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators, control valves, impact wrenches, and jackhammers just to name a few.

Industries served include: Concrete Plants, Quarries, Asphalt Plants, Construction, Contractors, Shipyards, Pulp & Paper, Logging, Mining, Municipalities, Utilities, Oil and Gas Exploration.


Kilfrost Air Line Anti-Freeze Lubricant Brochure
(PDF, 441KB)

Kilfrost MSDS
(PDF, 467KB)

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