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Series 1 Bare Handles

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Bray offers two handles for on/off and throttling service – one for resilient seated valves from 1”-12” (25mm - 300mm), and a high torque handle for high pressure valves from 2 1/2”- 8” (65mm - 200mm). These quarter turn handles have a locking spring and a directional pointer for valve disc position indication. Bolted notch plates are offered. For resilient seated valves a ten position plate is standard. For high pressure valves an 9 position plate is standard. Both contain on/off stops to prevent over rotation of the valve. Optionally available are an infinite position plate, a 180° notch plate, a memory stop, a padlock kit, and a 2” square nut version.


Manual Operators Brochure
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Handle Kits Operation and Maintenance Manual
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Bray Full Line Overview
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Item #

Valve Size


010100-11100006 1"-1.5" Ductile Iron
010200-11100006 2"-3" Ductile Iron
010400-11100006 4" Ductile Iron
010500-11100006 5"-6" Ductile Iron
010800-11100006 8" Ductile Iron
011000-11100006 10"-12" Ductile Iron
010100-11100574 1"-1.5" ENPDI
010200-11100580 2"-3" 18-8SS
010400-11100580 4" 18-8SS
010500-11100580 5"-6" 18-8SS
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1