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Sentinel™ Belt Speed Sensor

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• Indicates if belt has stopped, slipped and its speed
• Stops the motor in the event of belt problems
• Mounts to standard return roll brackets


Sentinel™ Belt Speed Sensor Brochure
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Item #


D5-RET-36SEN Sentinel
11-01299 Switch, Proximity, 24V, 12MM, QD, P&F
11-01122 Power-Cord, Ultrasonic 30MM, Pepperal
32-00402 Drop Bracket
18-10006 Sentinel Multi-System Kit without controller
18-10000 Sentinel Belt Speed Sensor Kit
11-01114 Sentinel Belt Speed Sensor Kit
32-00401 Drop Bracket for Sentinel
11-01122 Sensor Cord
11-01114 Sentinel Speed Sensor PLC Monitor
13-00850 Belt Carriage 20-1/4 x 3/4
13-10016 Flanged Nut 20-1/4
13-10086 Self-Drilling Hex Screw 12 x 3/4
11-00702 Logo Smart Relay
11-00343 24 Volt Relay
11-00965 120 Volt Relay
11-01161 24 VDC Power Supply
  Results 1 - 17 of 17 1