• Sprint Series Valve Single Subbase

    The Sprint Series Single Valve Subbase can be used with a subbase-style valve. Using a valve subbase saves time and money because valves can be removed and replaced without disturbing piping or electrical wiring. Subbase kits are side ported and inlclude mounting hardware.

  • Sprint Series Valve Manifold

    Stackable subbase sections are ganged together to create clean-looking, multiple-valve manifolds. End plates are used to close the ends and provide common air supply and exhaust connections. Certain valve series also consolidate electrical connections. Stackable subbases provide maximum flexibility when building a valve manifold because three- and four-way valves can be mixed on the manifold, and sections (valves) can be added or removed at any time to adapt to changing production requirements. Subbase-mounted valves save time and money because they can be changed without disturbing piping or hard electrical wiring. Order subbase sections, as required, and one set of end plates per manifold. Order end plate kits separately.