Preprogrammed with 8 different modes of operation to accommodate most of the basic scale applications. Keys for ZERO, TARE, GROSS/NET, UNITS, PRINT, CLEAR, ENTER, F1, F2, 0 - 9 keypad. Indicator lights for GROSS, NET, MOTION, ZERO, lb, kg.

Mode 0: Normal Basic gross or net mode weighing.

Mode 1: Fill to Setpoint Single setpoint fill with relay output control and weigh print.

Mode 2: Over/Under Checkweigh Provides (3) TTL outputs and (2) setpoints. Outputs for use with lights or alarms to indicate OVER, UNDER or BETWEEN setpoints.

Mode 3: Vehicle Weigh In/Out with totals Weigh In/Out program for up to 500 vehicles. Maintains running totals for each vehicle. Provides reporting functions.

Mode 4: Multi Container/Axle Auto Weighing Auto weighs and prints each weight placed on the scale. Each weight is sequentially numbered and accumulated.
The total can be printed manually or automatically. Provides traffic light control.

Mode 5: Auto Axle Weigh on Long Scales Same as mode 4 but previous axles are auto tared.

Mode 6: ID Tare, Print and Total Provides tare entry and recall by ID. Prints ID, sequence # and GTN weights. Keeps running totals by ID. Provides reporting functions.

Mode 7: Peak Hold Display or print the peak gross or net weight detected.

Canadian AM 5216 NTEP 96-133 III 10,000 div



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