• Douglas Mine Duty/Mill Duty Wing Style Pulleys feature exclusive minimum 1" solid steel round bars
• Increases service life
• Helps prevent wing folding damage
• Wears up to three times as long as other manufacturer’s formed flat bar or 1/4 moon bar
• Protect belt bottom cover from cuts and tears
• Less belt vibration from smoother belt contact
• Special self-cleaning angle formed by gussets discharges material away from the belt and the pulley face helping to prevent material build up
• Unique design creates a refined motion that helps to dislodge materials from the belt top cover

• Heavy construction of the wings and gussets reduces the likelihood of metal fatigue and pulley failure in severe applications
• Crown face pulleys are furnished standard, flat face must be specified
• Douglas hubs and bushings are interchangeable with QD® or XT® style

• Hot Vulcanized Wing Pulley Lagging
• Stainless steel construction available
• “AR” abrasion resistant wing tips available
• Optional Douglas Keyless Locking Assemblies available
• Stabilizing Rings
• Shafting
• Bearing Assemblies
• Take-Up Systems



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